To fight COVID-19 we've developed a universal technology to charge and refill drones, transforming them into virus-fighting robots
- contactless
- non-landing
- 24/7/365 disinfection, logistics resupply and remote fever detection
To respond to the current pandemic crisis, we have developed the technology that allows commercially available drones to perform the three types of never existing autonomous missions:
1. The autonomous "non-stop" spraying of territories with disinfectant, without landing, without contacting anyone
2. The delivery of goods and products safely, contactless, without landing
3. The remote identification of infected people by the temperature factor without contacting anyone.

UAVs are capable of performing autonomous missions 24/7 in a preassigned territory for up to 3 months without contacting directly operators or technicians.
FlyCharged Offering
Contactless Samples and Goods Delivery
  • Time efficient while saving precious resources
  • Significantly confine the flow of people, avoid unnecessary contact
  • 24/7 air transportation network
Continuous and Contactless Disinfection
  • No pilot required, 50x more efficient than spraying by people
  • Recharging battery & refilling tank with disinfectant during recharging batteries
  • Fully automated process of launch, dock, charge, and maintenance
Remote and Contactless Fever Detection
  • Recharging drones and refilling drone tanks
  • Not having to land, permanent operation
  • Autonomous assistants of physicians, border guards, and military
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Top 3 reasons to choose us
UAV have already bridged the supply gap between infected and healthy people.
The technology works with all types of VTOL drones, which saves resources for upgrading and maintenance existing fleet of drones. To make a drone compatible, a light modernization kit is needed. Depending on a mission, a drone can be equipped with extra payload: load gripping mechanism, crop spraying device, tank for liquids etc.
Base Unit
Thanks to the unique design of the FlyCharged technology, the drones get charged with cargo on board. This enables more types of drone missions and makes it possible to operate drones missions without interruption. Moreover, 3 drones can work in a swarm mode teaming up when performing tasks.
Sensing & Software
The true value is delivered with infrared and optical sensors and software further processing the obtained data with the use of the artificial intelligence module. A growing profile of sensors, including LIDAR, gas, and thermal sensors as well as updatable libraries for AI provide multiple layers of information per mission.
Safe City Application
On the base of the technology we build all-in-one, turnkey solutions for contactless emergency/regular delivery and full-cycle cities disinfection.
Monitoring Parks and Public Places
Samples Delivery by Drones
Transplant, Vaccine Delivery
Spraying Streets with Disinfectant
Enforce Lockdown
Emergency Response
Remote Fever Detection in Crowds
Evacuation Oversight
Benefits & Features
Fully Autonomous
Programmable, self-deploying, non-landing and servicing - no operator required
Not having to land
Contactless performance of autonomous missions 24/7
Always available with a one-click launch
Pre-planned missions, launched at predefined times
Industrial Grade
Durable, weatherproof and corrosion resistant
Customized Missions
According to unique site requirements
Simple Operations
Intuitive operating console and management interface
Continuous Service
24/7 support and periodic maintenance visits
Reduced risk of human endangerment
Cost Effective
Unlimited missions cycle, reduced operating costs
Increased Efficiency
Free up experts' time to make decisions rather than to collect data
Expandable platform allows integration of new applications and payloads
Core team
Our team has immediately responded and has been working around the clock to adapt out technical solutions, to help everyone to combat the worldwide pandemic.
Vlad Nepochatov
Accomplished executive with military background and extensive C-level experience in project management, international business development and procurement within the aerospace/aviation, defense and security industries, on a global scale. Results-driven and dedicated leader with proven success in new market identification and strategic positioning for major defense organizations.
Igor Kolosiuk
Chief Engineer, Founder
Entrepreneurial and mission-driven inventor, сhief engineer, missile officer with robotics background and passion in science & technologies. Over 20 years of expertise in leading domestic and international prime companies to success. Retired missile officer, I'm a technical advisor in a drone surveillance and control systems project developed in cooperation with European Union Defense Cluster
Eugen Romanov
Chief Technical Officer
Entrepreneurial-spirited, pioneering technologist with 20+ years of executive-level experience identifying, qualifying, building consensus for, and implementing enabling technologies and enterprise systems that facilitate business processes and strategic objectives. Broad expertise in IT with focus on UAVs, UAS, robotics, AI, neural networks.
Anastasiia Kolosiuk
CFO, DevOps
Vision-driven, goal-focused Executive with 15-year+ proven track record of innovations and outstanding achievements in business development. Exceptional talent for analyzing business processes and finding the most efficient solutions. Experience in optimising distribution, overlapping in network, creating and optimizing data infrastructure, developing systems for ensuring 24/7/365 uninterruptible business services.
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